Friday, July 16, 2010

Here we Go !!

Heyyy People !! Im Chris , Chris Vinney that is .... Im 17 , and im the guy who is gonna rock this blog to Hollywood !! XD LOLZZ

Ya KNow , at this age ( 17 ) have ya ever asked ya self : who are ya ?¿ Well i have and this is the hole idea for this New Born Blog .. :) I want to Discover something new In myself , Change things i find rong about my Life ...Lets Talk about anything on Here !! Whats Life , Friends , People , Style Fashion , different cultures !! Everything !! Anything !!
The Internet is a Amazing Thing that almost everyone has the Gift to use it , Dont you think its amazing ?¿ , You can speak to someone that is a Thousands of Miles away in just one Click !!

Yeahhhhh It Rocks... !! Lets get this going .. Let me find me spot , Im young full of energy
I Wanna Radical Change Now !! Right Now .... Lots Of Colour , Coolness , Originality and Let it Blow away , Its my Life !!! Its now or Never !!

But one thing to keep in mind People ..... Dont worry and Be Happy !! XD :)

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