Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Take Pictures Like a Model

Step 1
Be comfortable in your own skin. You don't have to be a model to take great pictures. Self-confidence shines through in photos, but so does insecurity. If you fold your arms a certain way, cover your mouth or look as if you're hiding something, then you won't look attractive.
Step 2

Play up your assets. Models have flaws, but they learn how to work with them. Downplay yours by shifting the focus to your better features. If you've got great eyes, then make sure you don't squint. If you've got a long neck, then show it off. The point is to take whatever you've got and use it to your advantage.
Step 3

Know your angles. You may actually have a "good side." Certain angles may appear more flattering than others. For instance, you don't want to tilt your head back too far or your nostrils will look huge. Play around with poses to see which ones you like best.
Step 4

Shift your weight. Standing straight forward with your weight evenly distributed can make you look rigid or hefty in pictures. Turn your body to a slight angle or shift your weight to one side. It looks more natural and has a slimming effect. Celebrities demonstrate this often on the red carpet.
Step 5

Practice in a mirror. This will help you to be more photogenic. You'll know how you look in every pose.
Step 6

Develop a trigger to help you relax in front of the camera. Think of a happy experience or someone that makes you laugh. Saying "cheese" doesn't work for every one.
Step 7

Think like a model. Make the poses you like the most second nature. Whenever you're in front of the camera, go into them automatically. Your pictures will come out great and people will think that you are naturally photogenic.

How to Become a Male Model


Try to meet the industry's standard requirements. Most male models are between 5' 11" and 6' 2" and under 175 pounds. Males can start a modeling career from the age range of 18 to 25 and their careers can last well into their 40s, which is much more relaxed than their female counterparts. Don't worry about being all around perfection, if one body part is exceptional, there's work for hand models and eyewear models, too.
Step 2

Keep toned. Although the modeling industry doesn't want a body builder's frame, they do want a fit and healthy appearance.
Step 3

Move to a big city. New York City is the best place for modeling as it is considered the modeling capital of America. Other large cities need models, too, so check around via the Internet and in phone books for modeling opportunities in these areas.
Step 4

Create a portfolio. Get several head shots and full body shots in both sportswear and business attire taken. Keep information like clothing size, height and weight on the back for potential clients to look at.
Step 5

Get an agent. A good time to find one is when a modeling agency holds open call, which is when anyone can go in and be informed of their potential in the industry. Sometimes a model search will go to smaller towns to look for talent. Be sure to research their legitimacy before signing up. There are even scouting companies (See Resources) that can send information to modeling agencies for their clients.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fix your posture , For the Best !

Your spine is one of the most important bones you have in your body. Your backbone is what carries you when you walk and what supports your body. Taking good care of it is a lifelong project and should be treated with extreme care so it'll last forever. Here are some instructions for making sure your spine has as good a life as you do and This is The Biggest Rule to be an Attractive man ! remember this one guys !!
Maintain good posture. No matter where you are or what you're doing, be sure to keep good posture. Align your back, neck, and head as close to a straight line as possible.
Lay down correctly when you're sleeping. Be sure to have a pillow with very low elevation. Bending your neck upwards all night with a tall pillow can cause problems. If you are laying on your back, put a raised pillow under your feet/knees, and if you sleep on you side, place a pillow between your legs. Never sleep on your stomach. Remember that it is also important to have a mattress that's in good condition (pillow, too!)
Take care of your bones. Be sure to take in the required amount of calcium. Some good sources of calcium are dairy products (cheese, milk, and yogurt.)
Exercise. Doing exercises that stretch and balance your body can be very beneficial. An example would be yoga. Muscle-building exercises are great, too! More muscle means more protection for your back bone, and the muscle is strong enough to hold your spine in place correctly.
Get a back, shoulder, and/or neck massage. Massaging places near your back can help align it properly.
See your doctor for a scoliosis screening. An over curved spine is a serious problem. If you are an adolescent and have this condition, they may first have you wear a backbrace, and if it progresses to a serious degree, you may be offered spine surgery.
To walk straight and tall it helps to hold your arms parallel to your ears, walking like this helps if you have a slouch, practise this,to hold yourself erect against gravity.

10 Attractive Qualities

It is very simple. There are ten qualities women find very attractive in men. If you possess these ten qualities, then you can bet that women will be coming after you. Here they are:

1. The willingness to make a commitment to a long term relationship. Women are attracted to men who are not afraid of committing to long term relationships. .

2. The willingness to do whatever it takes to take care of a woman. Women want to feel protected and thrive when a man is stable and financially secure. They fall in love easily when they know they don't have to be the one carrying all the financial burden in a relationship.

3. The ability to work hard. A hardworking man is going to make sure he can provide for his woman. This also means he will be able to provide for a family when the time comes for the woman to have children.

4. A natural ability to love and take care of kids. Women are attracted to men that love kids. They figure if you show love to kids that are not even yours, that you will probably be an excellent father when you have yours.

5. Being suave in both social and business situations. Women find it difficult to resist men who carry themselves well in both social and business situations.

6. Not being overly flirtatious. Women are not comfortable with men that are overly flirtatious. So the less flirtatious you are with members of the opposite sex the more attractive you are.

7. Being kind-hearted. Kind men are few and far between. So when women find kind-hearted men, they tend to want to have a relationship with them.

8. A good problem solver. Women love men that are able to effortlessly find solutions to problems without complaining or making excuses.

9. A good listener. Women love men that want to hear what they have to say. So many women feel that men just don't know how to listen and easily forget what is being said to them. So when women come across men with good listening skills, they get hooked.

10. A good lover in bed. This is a very important quality to possess. If you are a nice guy and you don't know how to satisfy women in bed, you will have a tough time building a long term romantic relationship with women.

So if you see a man dating a beautiful woman, then you know that he must possess ten of the qualities listed above. That guy is probably doing all the things that women find attractive in men.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Male Models

Being a male model is a really interesting and challenging career. To become a male model, there are certain things you need to do. Here are some of them:

Identify Your Reasons

Before you set out to take steps to becoming a male model, ask your self, "Why do I want to be a male model?" Do you want to be famous? Do you want to make money? Do you have a passion for it? Do you just love all that modeling entails? Is it a childhood fantasy? Finding out your real reasons will help you know what type of modeling to go into; fashion, commercial or specialty. You will also be able to know whether to go into it full time or part time.

Do You Have What It Takes?
Modeling is not just about famous faces. You need to really find out if you have what it takes; the right height, physique, talent, face etc, to know whether you can even be a male model at all.

Be Confident

Once you've been able to ascertain that you have what it takes to be a male model, you need to be self confident. Don't allow anybody to look down on you. Be confident about your looks and your ability. Don't let people tell you what you can't do. You can't be a successful male model if you are not confident.

Find Out What Type Of Modeling You Are Best Suited For

There are different types of modeling; fashion, commercial and specialty modeling. Fashion modeling includes things like clothing campaigns, posing for magazines, catalogues, ramp walks etc. Commercial modeling involves modeling to promote product sales etc. Specialty modeling is for those with special faces and bodies and it could include full figured models, bodybuilders, or even body part modeling.

You need to find out which one you can do best.

Find The Right Agent

If you can find the good agent, you will really enjoy the modeling world. The right agent knows all that you need to do to be your best and he or she will do more than just helping you get jobs. The right agent will go out of his or her way to make sure you get the right kind of jobs that will help you in your career. When looking for an agent you need to be very determined and persistent. Finding the right agent doesn't always come easy. You will have to get yourself photographed, preferably by a professional, so that you will have professional shots and then send the best ones out to as many agents as possible.

If you have what it takes you can be a successful male model. Be persistent, expect initial rejections but stay true to your dream, it's only a matter of time you will achieve your dream of becoming a successful male model.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Be Sexy

What's sexy without being sleazy?

Adding unexpected touches (a wrapped shirt, a grand exit) and glamorous essentials (red lips, shades).

It's about dressing in fabrics that feel great against your skin.

And it's about choosing more original ways to express your sensuality than by merely donning a micromini.

Our get-sexy looks work for any age or budget: some are after-dark only (shoulder-duster earrings), while others can work for daytime (touchable fabrics, hats).

Here's how to add sizzle to your look without sacrificing your modesty.

1. Wear something ordinary in an unexpected way.
It doesn't have to be a huge statement like wearing a jacket backwards; subtle alterations pack the chicest punch. For example, take a basic man's white shirt (slightly oversized), unbutton it, wrap it so that one side overlaps the over and tuck in.)

2. Do red lipstick.
Pale lips may be trendy, but nothing does the job like red. Use lipliner for a perfect appearance, choose a creamy matte in a red that best suits your skin tone (blue-reds for darker skin tones; orangey hues for olive; true reds for blondes). Use a light hand for the rest of the face because the lips should take center stage.

3. Add a hat.
Nothing attracts attention quite like a hat. First, it takes guts to wear one. Second, it takes panache to carry it off. Combine the two qualities and you get major sex appeal. Stay with classic shapes -- the fedora, the beret -- to make it easier to pull off.

4. Accessorize with shoulder-duster earrings.
Skip every other piece of jewelry, pull your hair back and make sure your makeup stays soft. This look goes great with bare shoulders and updos, too. Definitely an after-dark look.

5. Make it metallic.
Black may be supersexy, but gold, silver, copper and pewter are especially luminous when you're going for vavoom. Look for simple shapes (the story here is the fabric and color, not the line of the outfit) and tones that flatter your skin color. Pass on major jewelry and makeup to let the dress really shine.

6. Adopt an exotic look.
The cheongsam is a classic example of a dress with international allure. Harem pants, sarongs and embroidered items are all borrowed ethnic looks with tons of feminine charm. The mandarin-collar dress from China is flattering, chic and always intriguing.

7. Wear shades.
Perhaps the single sexiest item you can own are a great pair of sunglasses. They add tons of mystery, look cute even on top of your head and actually serve the practical purpose of protecting your eyes.

8. Make a grand exit.
Sexy is all about surprises, so a deceptively simple dress from the front can be a showstopper in the back. Open backs, lace-up backs, great dress trains all make for dramatic effects.

9. Stay soft with touchable fabrics.
Forget everything you've ever heard about hardcore leathers or sparkly sequins being heat-inducing. Cashmere, silky satin, buttery soft suedes are the real scene-stealers. Touchable fabrics not only invite another's touch, they have the added bonus of feeling great against your skin so you feel pampered and sexy.

10. Play peekaboo.
No need to bare your breasts, even with lace. Nude linings, camisoles and slips all keep you covered while the lace itself stays really suggestive.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Here we Go !!

Heyyy People !! Im Chris , Chris Vinney that is .... Im 17 , and im the guy who is gonna rock this blog to Hollywood !! XD LOLZZ

Ya KNow , at this age ( 17 ) have ya ever asked ya self : who are ya ?¿ Well i have and this is the hole idea for this New Born Blog .. :) I want to Discover something new In myself , Change things i find rong about my Life ...Lets Talk about anything on Here !! Whats Life , Friends , People , Style Fashion , different cultures !! Everything !! Anything !!
The Internet is a Amazing Thing that almost everyone has the Gift to use it , Dont you think its amazing ?¿ , You can speak to someone that is a Thousands of Miles away in just one Click !!

Yeahhhhh It Rocks... !! Lets get this going .. Let me find me spot , Im young full of energy
I Wanna Radical Change Now !! Right Now .... Lots Of Colour , Coolness , Originality and Let it Blow away , Its my Life !!! Its now or Never !!

But one thing to keep in mind People ..... Dont worry and Be Happy !! XD :)